"The ease and strength of a pilates pose and the simplicity of explanation, The stretch of a muscle and the beauty of relaxation, As you learn to let go and roll up.... Sita makes you realize, this is it..This is pilates..this is life..Just to Breathe..To Stretch..and To Connect..And to Be!"
Deepa Joshi
"I cannot say enough great things about my Homeo doctor, Dr .Sita Bhatt , who is also a wellness expert. I have been suffering from neck & shoulder pain for many years. She introduced me to pilates. I'm usually little vary of group classes. To my surprise, the neck movements she taught me has helped a lot. She is not only knowledgeable, helpful, and a very positive person, she is also friendly, warm, and a general joy to be around. I eagerly wait for her classes."
Manju S
"The experience with Dr. Sita has been invaluable. Not only does she manage to make Pilates effective, but also does it in a painless, enjoyable way. For someone who was new to it, I don't think I can go back to someone else after my experience with her. "
Sudeshna Dey
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